Jacques Demierre: Piano
Barry Guy: Bass
Lucas Niggli: Drums

Dense and sensitive, precise and passionate!» is what the press said after the trio of Jacques Demierre, Barry Guy, and Lucas Niggli performed in front of a good 3’000 listeners on the large stage at the New Jazz Festival Moers in 2003. The public was enthralled. And all this for a piano trio that in no way performs as a «classical» jazz combo.

Together, Jacques Demierre (Geneva), Barry Guy (Zurich and Ireland) and Lucas Niggli (Zurich) – musicians of different generations and origins – have immense technical abilities on their instruments and a common interest: the desire to perform passionately. The three musicians move in the realms not only of free improvisation, but also in the wide field of contemporary composed music. They audibly get their inspiration from both traditions. Open rhythms as well as a rich palette of tonal colors characterize the trio’s playing.

After five years of performing together, at numerous concerts and festival performances, the trio is releasing their first CD with the title Brainforest, after an installation by the Swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger, who also provided the cover to the CD.

Compositions by J. Demierre, B. Guy, L. Niggli (SUISA).
Track 1 – 6 recorded live Nov. 11, 2004 at Jazzclub Uster by Willy Strehler.
Track 7 recorded live Nov. 12, 2004 at Loft Cologne by Stefan Deistler.
Mixed and edited July 12th, 13th by Willy Strehler, Klangdach.
Mastered by Walti Schmid, Oakland Recordings.
Covert art by Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger.
Photos by Francesca Pfeffer,
Liner notes by Philippe Levrault.
Graphic design by Jonas Schoder.
Produced, published and copyright by Intakt Records.
Executive Production by Patrik Landolt
paru le 1 janvier 2005