jacques demierre piano 

axel dörner trumpet 

jonas kocher accordion

New ensemble consisting of three leading figures of the improvising scene in Europe. The trio plays an improvised music totally focused on the here and now.

The music of these three very strong players covers a wide musical range going from silence and tiny sound lines to eruptive and sharp sonic attacks, sound and listening forming the core of the music, rather than any stylistic idiom.

floating piece of space

Format: 12” vinyl, 45t

face A – the mirror : 18’06”  face B – the garden : 17’41”

Enregistré live à la cave12 en octobre 2014 lors d’un concert qui fut remarquable de tensions acoustiques, contre-pieds suspendus, intrications de sonorités scalpelisées, dépôts sonores orfévriques hautement focalisés, éruptions éparses, retenues magnificentes, une trompette-rayon-laser tout bonnement fantastique, voire extraterrestre, c’est avec un immense plaisir que la cave12, en étroite collaboration avec les musiciens du trio sort ce vinyle, « floating piece of space ». Fernando Sixto/Cave12




Cone of Confusion

Format: CD

1. Increasing the efficiency process 04:06

2. Variation in the subject 01:51

3. There are small observable differences 05:13

4. Position of the head 05:35

5. The errors introduced by such an exchange are within

the errors 09:14

6. Principle of reciprocity 10:50

Recorded in Biel/Bienne (CH) on November 3 2017

Mixed by Axel Dörner and mastered by Ilia Belorukov

DDK’s Cone of Confusion was named among the France Musique’s top CDs of 2018